Title : Password Delima

Posted by : Tariq Azmi | 2020-05-10

I know it is a pain remember all the One thousand password you have, from banking, Hulu, Netflix, your utility vendors. I know and I get it. But it is necessary don’t take the easy way out.

I always thought asking users to have strong passwords or asking them to change password often is like asking to eat your vegetables. We all know it is important, we all know we should be doing it, but we tend to go enjoy the burgers, ice cream and deserts, and we usually tell ourselves oh I had lettuce and tomato on my burger, I at least had some veggies.

Just recently 25,000 email address & Password were dumped online allegedly from NIH, WHO and Gates Foundation are amongst the prominent organization. What’s fascinating to me is even after all the recent hype and conversations about Malware, Ransomware, Cyber Security hacks few of the users had “password as their password, some had their first 1st name as their password or “ChangeMe”

 On a similar note, the “Sextortion scam” is being recycled where users are getting an email stating they have their password and they have footage of them watching porn. They could have one of your old passwords that they may have picked up from data breaches.
The email goes on to claiming to have a "split screen" image that shows what you watched next to you vigorously appreciating it. Unless you pay them a ransom that can be anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars, they claim they'll send it to your friends.

This is a very sophisticated scams, user may or may not have watched any porn but when they put one of your password in the subject line, it gets your attention,  the email goes on  indicating they know a lot about you.

Obviously, there’s information overload with everything happening with COVID-19, but just as you are protecting yourself with staying home, washing hands, face masks, etc please protect your personal information.

Change that password and turn on Multi Factor Authentication. Message us if you need help