Title : Importance of Password

Posted by : Tariq Azmi | 2021-11-11

I am aware you are probably sick of hearing about making your password strong not to mention rules about those passwords. Protecting your credentials is one of the most important things you can do to defend yourself from ransomware and other cyberattacks. Stolen credentials can lead to system intrusion, data exfiltration, malware infection, and many types of fraud. The 2021 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report found 80% of all basic web application attacks and at least 60% of all ransomware attacks rely on stolen credentials or brute force attacks.

The purpose of this article is to help and provide some direction for keeping your information and company’s information safe.  After being told numerous times to make your passwords complex by using numbers, caps, lower case, special characters, etc you finally started practicing it. I am here to inform you that, you need to make changes to that password format.

  • First understand if your company has a any policy on passwords. Do they recommend the password to be 12 -24 characters long or does it require special characters, numbers, uppercase, lowercase, etc Understanding the recommendation should help you creating that password. Do not settle for minimum requirement.  Here’s a password to that will make it harder for someone to crack.  “2018bestmovieAvenger$” this will meet all your requirements
  • Think about your password as a phrase not words. What that really means is don’t just make your password as your dog’s name and year example Bruno2012 instead make it mydogcamein2012 then make the small changes to the letters and add special characters
  • Password should be personal and something you know, not something where you might have filled out a survey on facebook or other social media platforms that give away your personal information. Those survey at the time seems fun to share let your friend’s peek into your personal life, events, favorite foods, etc good example can be “startedthisjobmay2019” or Gotaraisejune2020
  • Keep it personal yet make a generic in some cases and other make it specific. For example, don’t make the password as MyToyotais3yearsold. People know what you drive. You may have posted pictures with your car in it. Instead do “Mycaris3year$old"
  • Obviously, do not write these down on sticky notes. If you absolutely must just write the hint. A 1-word hint example start date or raise
  • Do not repeat the same password and change the dates or year. This will be easy for someone to crack your password. MyTruck4yearsold don’t make the new password as MyTruck5yearsold
  • Don’t use common substitutions: More and more users think they have complex password by adding the replacing number for letters and special characters for letter. The bad actors have figured out those combinations. For Example; P@ssw0rd$ .. here’s the letters are replaced with special characters and numbers there are only so many of those and it is easier to figure out the combination.
  • Do not use the same password across all your accounts.:  Do not have the same password for your gmail account, Amazon Account, Hulu/Netflix account and your banking log in. Keep it all different.
  • If you have a habit of signing up for newsletters, coupons, rewards programs, open a separate free account with gmail or yahoo and call me John.junkmail@yahoo.com 


What is a good solution? The length seems to be the answer these days who knows that may change as the hackers start using some AI components to get through.


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