Title : Call to Action* - Empowering KS Healthcare Provide

Posted by : Jonathan Sanchez | 2020-03-10

Coordination is under way. If you are interested email us at covidresponse@e2in.com or call (316)251-0015 x700 to help out!

A Community Project to support our medical community, coordinated by EMBER TECHNOLOGIES, LLC is getting underway.

Ember Technology works primarily within the healthcare vertical and, as you might imagine, many of their clients are in a difficult situation right now. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is in high demand, while supply is very short, shipments are 4-6 weeks out, and some suppliers are even price gouging! Their clients are looking to our local community of technical, manufacturing, design, & distribution businesses and professionals to help fill this need. Ember is looking for partners that have the ability to:

1) 3D Print face shields (https://budmen.com/)

2) Sew face masks (https://masksoflove.org/citizen-mask-pattern.html)

3) Produce hand sanitizer (https://www.wired.com/story/how-to-make-hand-sanitizer/)

Material lists:

  • Face Shields

3D Printers w/ PLA Plastic

7.5 to 10 Mil Laminate

½” rubber foam

  • Face Masks

Sewing Machine w/ Thread

Polypropylene Stockinette – Outside Fabric

Fiberglass Cloth – Inside Filter

Charcoal Cloth – Inside Filter

Elastic – Straps

Wire – Nose Molding

  • Hand Sanitizer (Gel)

Bottles w/ Pump (3.5 to 5 oz.)

Isopropyl Alcohol

Aloe Vera Gel

Tea Tree Oil

  • Hand Sanitizer (Spray)

Spray Bottle (100 to 250 mL)

Isopropyl Alcohol

Glycerol or Glycerin

Hydrogen Peroxide

Distilled Water

The above links help us to provide a consistent product. Also, sourcing the product will be a challenge, but we believe it is doable based off of the few resources we bring to the table plus everyone else and whatever they can bring!

Whatever can be donated is appreciated BUT there are specific requirements for the masks.

Therefore Ember's vision is to cover the labor costs, and forward only material costs to the providers. Providers will be vetted as COVID-19 treatment facilities, senior and/or memory care, or non-profit 501(c)(3) businesses only. For profit and elective center will not be included. Therefore, we are asking for little to no markup from those who wish to participate in this community project, as we understand not all are able to provide this at no profit.

Please let me know if this is something you, your organization, or anyone in your network would be willing to participate in. Also, this is for ANY PROVIDER that can pass the vetting, not just Ember's clients… So be ready to spread the word once we get this rolling!