Tariq Azmi

COO – Operations
  • Tariq Azmi is a technology operations entrepreneur who works with the compliance industry to ensure regulatory compliance, data integrity, and business continuity. Founding partner of Ember Technology.
  • Over course of his career, he has worked in all aspects of the IT, from support desk, project management, data analysis, etc. He worked for the Kansas Bureau of investigation where he gained much of his knowledge and experience in Cyber Security, and Digital Forensics.
  • Tariq’s entrepreneurial journey enriched his business experience on various industries of hospitality, real estate and technology.
  • Tariq is RP with the CMMC – AB, have been working with the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) providing added value in compliance to companies working with DoD.
  • Recent project has been in Artificial Intelligence and its applications various industries of Automation, Robotics, Banking/Financial, etc